Christmas tweetup sponsors – The Voice Cafe

We were delighted to have Lindsey from the voice cafe offer a free voice lesson to one lucky Tweetup member.

Have you ever considered the possibility of having professional voice lessons to help you become a more versatile actor? Or have you got a big audition and need to brush up on an accent before the casting?  We recommend  checking out The Voice Cafe.

The Voice Cafe offers one-to-one online training via Skype as well as an Audio Study Zone, an access based audio learning resource and can be used either on its own, or as a supplement to online one-to-one lessons.

“I approached Lindsey to help me with my R.P. (Received Pronunciation), as I am a professional actress, trained in South Africa, where R.P. is not part of the course. With Lindsey’s help I have managed to master R.P. – which I originally thought would be one of my biggest obstacles in trying to pursue my theatre career here in the UK. Thanks to Lindsey I was wrong. I have since played a number of strong roles on the London stage – most of them in R.P.”
Lizanne Tulip, Actress, London

“…The benefits of being able to work on Skype with Lindsey are endless. I have often had sessions in my trailer before going on set or at home before rushing to an audition. Knowing that I have that safety net quite literally at my fingertips is a great comfort when preparing for a role.”
Christian Cooke, Actor

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