We are incredibly lucky to be bringing back MANUEL PURO of (Puro Casting). He’ll be joining us on May 2nd at 7pm at our usual spot Gerry’s Club. Manuel has a hugely impressive list of credits; he’s worked with some incredible names in the business…starting with Jeremy Zimmerman in 1995, he was headhunted […]

CD Manuel Puro is popping in to see us!

gemma skyes
Gemma has now opened her own casting company after working at Dan Hubbard Casting for many years. That’s right – you heard it here first! We are thrilled to have Gemma along to our favourite actor’s bar, Gerry’s Club, on Tuesday April 4th at 7pm to chat castings, acting and all things film/TV. […]

Casting Director Gemma Sykes joins us!

Rachel Sheridan credits
Get ready for another biggie! This time we welcome Rachel Sheridan, a Casting Associate to Rachel Freck. Comedy is very much their thing so it’s going to be a hoot to hear all about Rachel’s experience in comedy casting. We’re super pleased to be introducing the wonderful Rachel on Tuesday […]

The awesome Rachel Sheridan joins us to chat

McAuley Walters Casting
Bring the year in with a bang….Casting Directors Aisha Walters & Anna McAuley    Welcome back everyone to 2017! So much excitement upon us already to start the year with a Casting Director duo! Oooh yes. The lovely Aisha Walters and Anna McAuley are joining us on February 7th at Thirst Bar […]

Bring the year in with a bang….Casting Directors Aisha Walters ...

Uk tweetfest pictures
Ho ho ho…  Come and celebrate the year that has been!In true networking style we are partnering up with Casting Networks to end the year with a bang. We have had another brilliant year that has seen the return of the TweetFest Film Festival at Hackney Picturehouse, along with some incredible speakers […]

Xmas party with Casting Networks + more

hackney picturehouse
We have wonderfully exciting news…tickets are now on sale on the Picturehouse cinema website for TweetFest 2016, our gala industry screening evening taking place on the 1st November. We hope to see you all there. Tickets can be purchased on the Picturehouse website via this link. Last year saw over […]

Tickets now on sale for the TweetFest Gala at Hackney ...

Deadline extended for TWEETFEST 2016! This is your last chance to submit to our tantalisingly, terrific, TWEETFEST!! We have extended the deadline to give you guys a few more days but OCT 6th is the final final deadline so don’t dilly-dally! Details of our VIP judges are below with a bit […]

Last chance for submissions to TweetFest

producer panel talk festivals uk actors tweetup
Sept NEWS Our power-house producer panel lift the lid on festival season…   If you live in London, work in the film industry and haven’t noticed that we’re in the middle the hottest period in London’s film festival calender then you’re seriously missing a trick! For true independent break-out film screenings we’ve gotRaindance (Sept 21st-Oct 2nd) and with […]

Tweetup panel of Film Festival producers

Tweetup talk Sept 2016
On Tuesday the 6th September we are back in Gerry’s to take over the world…. Okay, well at least to have a Q&A with two wonderful industry folk – Neil McNulty, a commercial agent at Conway van Gelder Grant (CvGG), and the lovely Laura McFadden who works at Hammond Cox […]

Bring on Conway van Gelder Grant’s Neil McNulty, and Hammond ...

Tweetfest on film freeway
  Everyone LOVES a sequel and we’re back with TWEETFEST 2016 Film FreewayWe’ve just launched our TWEETFEST 2016, taking place at the Hackney Picturehouse, with our call for short film submissions happening exclusively on FILMFREEWAY. This is only open to UK ACTORS TWEETUP members (you are a member if you are […]

The TweetFest is live on FILM FREEWAY

wonder woman panel
Oh My Goodness… Is that four Wonder Women in the house? This coming Tuesday Aug 2nd, at our monthly tweetup, we’ll be joined by some ladies who know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. We’re very proud to introduce you to 4 producers who are taking the British indie industry […]

A panel of Wonder Women producers

tweetup speakers Brad Moore
Sacha is best known for his work directing WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY, GET LUCKY, OUTSIDE BET and BONDED BY BLOOD. Sacha has worked with some of Britain’s biggest actors including Bob Hoskins, Phil Davis, James Cosmo, Steven Berkoff, Luke Treadaway, Neil Maskell and Jenny Agutter. He is the […]

Meet the team working on a UNIVERSAL action film – ...

Join us at the exclusive Century Private Member’s Club in Soho to… Get your Roadmap to Grow Your Acting Business With Top Hollywood Industry Experts If you are feeling stuck in your acting career…whether you are in the beginning stages and need an effective strategy forward, or a working actor […]

The Hollywood Success Worldwide Tour is coming to London

Jane Brody
We might have mentioned this in our email but we didn’t give you the exact details (unless you found them yourself) but Jane Brody is currently over from LA and offering some amazing sessions. If you are thinking you want to know more, then don’t miss these…the first event is […]

Jane Brody in town from LA

free networking
You want big?! We are giving you HUGE. And it’s FREE. We are going to have a combined event in June with Shooting People and Casting Networks back at Hackney Picturehouse (upstairs where we hosted our first ever TweetFest) and we want YOU to come play with us. . Come […]

Party time with Shooting People and Casting Networks