Upcoming Method Acting Workshop with Robert Castle

We are delighted to share some information about Robert Castle’s upcoming method acting workshop in Brighton. We know a few members who attended the tweetup last week were excited to hear about the course so here’s more information:

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Founder of International Theatre New York

Train your instrument to speak through the emotion, to move your body towards action, to breathe through the intensity of your feelings.

“When we have trained to the point where the character’s behaviour becomes spontaneous and unconscious, we can become more creative than we ever thought possible, because the imaginative impulse will be unconscious and experiential rather than merely mental. At this point the actor’s performance can take flight. It is tapping into the actor’s hidden world of creativity and imaginative impulse that leads the actor to the pinnacle of the Method technique: to be highly inspired in every performance.– Robert Castle

AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR ROBERT CASTLE has throughout his career as actor, director and teacher worked with such modern icons as SEAN PENN, JEFF GOLDBLUM, MICHELLE PFEIFFER, BROOKE SHIELDS, JANE FONDA and CHARLES DURNING, trained many international celebrities and produced and collaborated in numerous landmark productions both in New York and internationally.

His workshops have been celebrated throughout, France, United States, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Austria.

The Intensive Acting Workshop:

  • Revolutionary relaxation technique
  • Imagined experience
  • The seven-step preparation
  • Transformation
  • Finding the through line
  • The creative state-of being

During the workshop, the actor is engrossed in an intense training environment for seven hours a day, over the course of two consecutive weeks (Monday through Friday). Robert will also engage the actors in a very detailed relaxation technique. This technique strengthens the actor’s ability to achieve creative states of being: mentally, physically and emotionally that can be applied in different ways to both film and stage acting.Throughout the two-week training, Robert delves into the various myths about the Method and he uses his meticulous training style to layer each actor’s prior training onto the Method technique. The process leads to the actor making a total connection to the character, the circumstances and the dilemma to the point where ego and self-consciousness evaporate.

Who Is Eligible?
The workshop is aimed at actors working in the profession, though recent drama school graduates will be considered.

How Can I Apply?
For registration please email a CV to itnyworkshop.brighton@yahoo.co.uk
TEL: 07790 143 666

What Is the Cost?
The workshop will take place in The Nightingale Theatre, 29-30 Surrey Street, Brighton, BN1 3PA and will last 6-8 hours daily for 10 days. You must put down a non-refundable deposit of £400 to secure your place. For 70 very intense hours this works out at less than £10.50 per hour. Please note that we can only take a limited number of participants so that everybody gets to work intensively every day. Tea, Coffee and light refreshments will be included daily.

How Can I get More Information
Matthew Carrington is co-ordinating the Brighton workshop and he would encourage any questions that potential participants may have regarding any aspect of the workshop. Please visit www.itnewyork.org for more information about IT New York.

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