Bowen Technique? Does it have anything to do with a bow?

We met with the lovely Marty, a Bowen Technician based in London, who shared some amazing insights into what Bowen is and how it can help you.  If you haven’t ever tried Bowen, here are some fantastic reasons why every actor or creative individual should seriously consider this alternative therapy.

Bowen Technique? Does it have anything to do with a bow?

Bowen technique is a soft tissue, non-manipulative therapy which has been proven
very effective for treating physical aches, emotional scars, as well as an overworked
mind. And in fact, the therapy does have something in common with a bow! If a
string of a bow is loose, inevitably the arrow will not fly very far. And similarly if we
have an old injury which has not been healed properly or we carry a lot of stress in
our body, another body part will be affected. The Bowen Techniques aims to looks
not only at ‘what is happening in one’s body’ but also ‘why’. As we often adopt many
compensation patterns, Bowen treatments sometimes involve a bit of a detective
work. Rather than just treat symptoms, the Bowen Technique addresses the body as
a whole and aims to get to the root of a problem. The long term benefits of such an
approach are innumerable.

How does it work?
Bowen enhances the body’s own healing mechanisms, rather than trying to ‘fix
something’ through an external manipulation. During a treatment the Bowen
practitioner performs a series of very gentle, precise moves over muscles, ligaments,
tendons, joints and fascia in order to elicit a healing response in the body. The
moves are applied on the skin or through light clothing while the client lies on
a therapy couch or sits on a chair. There are regular pauses between each set
of moves, which allow the body to respond and activate its natural re-aligning
processes. A deep sense of relaxation is often felt at the end of a Bowen session.
Many people have reported an increase in their energy, improved sleep and much
better concentration after only one session!

Can Bowen Technique help you?
I believe so. Whether you have pulled a muscle while playing football, whether
you ‘always’ have had some sort of back pain, headache or just find it difficult
to ‘switch your brain off’ and relax, the Bowen therapy will serve you well. Health
conditions that have responded favourably to Bowen are many and varied, including
sports injuries, stress, respiratory and digestive complaints, allergies, head
and neck aches, back problems to name just few.

For detailed list of conditions Bowen technique may help to or for more
information visit or email to Marty Fabianova at:

Marty Fabianova is a Bowen Technique and Reiki Practitioner, based in Stoke
Newington, North London.

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