Hello from the UK Actors Tweetup!

Welcome to our UK Actors Tweetup website.  We will be updating our site regularly so please check back from time to time.  New dates and locations for our London tweetups will also be posted here monthly so you’ll never miss an event again. And we are even going to try to include monthly giveaways and prizes.

If you are a sponsor and fancy volunteering your services, offering a prize, advertising, or just letting us know who you are, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via ukactorstweetup@gmail.com.  We love a good email or two.

And you can also follow us on twitter at @ukactorstweetup

Oh that’s right, we nearly forgot to mention our last important point. We aren’t just for actors.  We are for all industry professionals who enjoy a bit of free networking. So please invite directors, producers, composers, writers, make up artists and more. And if you happen to be traveling abroad why not visit the @laactorstweetup or the @nyactorstweetup. That’s right baby, we are cross-atlantic.

Tweet tweet.

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