Surviving Actors – free acting convention on 21st Jan

Lets face it.  Acting isn’t just about surviving (we hope), but actors do need the survival techniques so you can achieve everything your heart desires with your careers. Surviving Actors provides events throughout the year to help actors sustain themselves in this notoriously difficult…and satisfying…profession.

The convention falls into three categories – develop, create and sustain. It gives actors the chance to develop their career through meetings, industry chats, training talks and by getting in touch with relevant companies who have stands at the event.  Surviving Actors creates the opportunity for actors to meet others looking to produce independent projects and small theatre companies recruiting actors. And finally, attendees also get an opportunity to look at sustaining a career – for the in between times – through forums for promotional companies, teaching agencies and other companies who employ actors for regular but flexible well paid work.

And all the usual suspects will be there including Spotlight, PCR, Casting Networks, Casting Call Pro, Michael Wharley photography, Actors Studio, Stagecoach, Funny Women etc. The list is endless.

The Surviving Actors convention is completely free for actors to attend as well (bonus!).

The dirty details:

Saturday 21st January 2012

9am – 5pm

IET: Savoy Place

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