Want a free ticket to our Q&A with Last Passenger? 6

Share your best celebrity moment with us for your chance to win a ticket to this Wednesday’s Q&A session at Jewel Bar with Ado Yoshizaki and Zack Winifield, the producers of Last Passenger, valued at £12.

Simply add a comment below with the celebrity you met, saw, stalked or partied with.  The best comment (as selected by a panel of three) received by Tuesday night will be given a free ticket to this Wednesday’s Q&A session.  And if you absolutely can’t make this one, then we might even let you keep your freebie for the next Q&A.

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6 thoughts on “Want a free ticket to our Q&A with Last Passenger?

  • Annina Kaski

    Here is a talented, ambitious but moneyscrapped young actor dieing to enter the business and succeed! A free ticket would be highly appreaciated.

  • Elisa Armstrong

    My best encounter will be when I work with Meryl Streep but until then it was Cate Blanchett. Saw her in Hedda Gabler and asked her a question at the Q&A. Too petrified to approach her after the show, I started talking to her husband. Cate walks up, looks at me and goes, “you asked a question!”. Then I died.

  • Liza Callinicos

    I used to usher at The Old Vic Theatre..a rather frail-looking Peter O Toole had flailed up the 4 flights of stairs to the loo moments before the show was about to start..I held the doors for long enough to wonder if he’d broken his neck..then he bolted in and stroked me on the head-a misplaced pat, or the fabled O Toole sleaze? Anyway I was sort of touched.

  • Liza Callinicos

    Also, backstage at IMAX Jackass premiere, I was trying to save some amusing signage I had snaffled from being sat on by a large Texan, when his little buddy (who turned out to be Wee Man) said “oh this paper?” and proceeded to look me in the eye and scrunch it up in violent slow motion-it was very Mexican wrestling of him. Bastard.

  • UK Actors Tweetup

    Congratulations to Liza Callinicos who won the free Q&A ticket to last night’s session with Ado and Zack, from the incredible feature film Last Passenger.

    We will have more competitions launching next month so stay tuned and check back regularly.